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Getting our first bull terrier, after moving into a new house with a reasonable sized back yard I started talking about getting a dog, a bull terrier. And the response from my wife was why would you want to get a bull terrier. I've always wanted to get a pure bred bullie after having a bullie cross dog in the past. Any way after many months of building retaining walls, fences and getting ready for the dogs arrival he arrived.

He was dropped in by the breeder purchased him from, he gave me a few tips and was gone. My wife was never really keen about getting a dog especially a bull terrier. At the time of his arrival she was at work and kept saying make sure the dog stays in the yard and out of the house.

She got home and said "did you get the dog?" I replied "he's in the laundry." We then went into the laundry and saw a little wrinkled bullie pup and fell in love with him (cliffy). A couple of years down the track we got our second bullie (bubba), I decided to give her a go in the show ring both of us had no idea what to do but eventually we got the idea and won the odd class. Since then our whole life revolves around the dogs. We had our first litter of six healthy pups three of which received their R.O.M. Certificates errol, louise, joyce.

Louise and joyce have since had litters and on it goes, at the moment we have about eight dogs at any one time.

I now aim to breed true 'BULL' terriers and consistantly breed to the standard. Over the years there have been some fantastic Australian Bred Bull Terriers.