Bulroarus Alcapone

Sire Quest Giacanna x Dam Mawnbeck checkmate

Al was shown only the one time received reserve challenge certificate at the South Australian btc champ show

specialist judde Pat Whincrop


Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
nwy ch swd ch Quest Giancanna nwy Aricon sly Eyes (nwy) Aricon one in the eye (UK)
Dutchess of Dunkirk at Aricon (UK)
Nwych swd ch int ch Ghabar treasure (nwy) Eng Ch Ghabar the Admiral (UK)
Ghabar Liberty (UK)
Mawnbeck Checkmate Bulroarus Roman Candle [rom] Ch Traher Wild About ROM
Pacmartee Elles Thunder
Mawnbeck Crazy Diamond Ch Dimeca the Undertaker Rom
Pecanna Fascination

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